Monday, 4 January 2010

Where's a supermodel?

I realise I should have said something about the video yesterday, apparently Lady Gaga is getting kidnapped by supermodels (they are *such* scamps these supermodels these days..) and sold to the Russian Mafia.. (happens all the time). Not completely sure about the isolation pods & vinyl outfits at the start or the bed bursting into flames at the end (I guess due to sub standard Russian wiring practises) but it was *stylish* and the last scene made me laugh.

I did actually buy Lady G's album Fame Monster in the summer but found that even I could not stand unrelenting disco for long, or indeed a single playing.

I gave it to the guys in the kitchen where they turned it up and left it on repeat to see if they could make young Jason's head explode...

In the meantime, in spite of endless reloading, restarting etc my wireless connection on my computer keeps working at around 16KB (you try doing *anything* at that).

Since the advent of the Sugden amplifier in combination with a pair of B&W monitor speakers I have realised how dreadful 'standard' compression on iTunes is but I can't seem to delete albums and rerecord them in Apple lossless without it baulking at around track 4.

And iTunes seems at random to claim my iPod is corrupted and needs to be reset... and then it freezes.

Oh and Brown Cameron et all have gone into dreary overdrive, well there is an election in, like six months..

There's never a supermodel about when you need one.

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  1. Oh, but they are drama indeed when you don't. Happy new year. I like your good cheer.