Sunday, 17 January 2010

Some days

Some days, They don't go so well..

Spent the morning preparing the shelves for the living room, they are made of recycled IKEA Besta units, but with any luck won't look it by the time I am through. (the units themselves had seemed like a good idea - they weren't)

So later had to start drilling numerous holes in the wall at which point my Makita drill, which is 13 months old strips it's gearbox and is now just so much plastic *and Nickel Cadmium* junk.

I found to my surprise what REALLY p*'d me off was not the fact I'd have to buy another after only 13 months (though god knows that's bad enough) but it was the idea of the materials and energy that had gone into making the thing were now totally wasted. I have no idea when I started turning into some sort of born again greenie but it does seem to have happened.

It seems the gearboxes on the things are *plastic*. Any 5 year old would tell you that's fine for Fisher Price but on a butch power tool that is NOT going to last and so must have been planned that way.

It really is time thinking like this was stopped. I figure if the EU wanted to do something really useful it would require that items which use dangerous materials last for a minimum of 5 years. That would be a good start. And I know it would cost more, fine, in the end it would end up costing a lot less.

I've ordered a DeWalt. The gearboxes are all metal, they don't cost *that* much more, they are beloved of builders the country over and are *yellow* :-)

The Makita batteries I shall advertise for free to anyone that would find them of use - well you didn't think I'd buy another of theirs did you?!

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire arrived. Bigger, showier more bombastic then Funeral, it's very much them. Wildly outrageously defiantly beautiful, You feel you've finally been told the truth and it'll change your life.

There is very little that makes me feel like that, some Killers and of course all of MUSE, that's about it. I am glad I've finally been let into the secret..

If you watch the video above be warned, you'll thrill to the music but the footage is cut from *that* scene from Sergei Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin..

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  1. Thank you for the warning on Makita. I always thought they were the best. Plastic is pitiful in a power tool.