Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ballrooms of Mars

The living room floor has just had it's third coat of Ronseal (does exactly what it says on the tin) Diamond hard floor varnish.

Remember in the 70's there was this thing for 'wet look' gloss, only it never really was as as soon as it dried it was bog standard ordinary gloss? Well looks like Ronseal have finally cracked it, if you want your floor to look like there is a thin film of water over it then this is the product :-)

Actually it's gorgeous, it keeps making me think of 'ballrooms of mars' but no one will ever get whats in my head (like the new Marks and Spencer food hall floors make me think of Virginia Plain)

On reading the label, a good idea every now and then, I can't put the rug down for 8 days (hadn't noticed *that*) One day I'll say this damn room is finished and it's not even like I've done anything revolutionary or complicated..

I had been planning on going on about the iPad, but I lost the will to live so I'll make the prediction now and leave it at that. The big thing with it isn't the iPad at all, but what's inside, the A4 processor. A bit like Cyberdyne Industries Apple is going to take over the world I hope it'll be with a better outcome....

Actually I'd like a Mac to replace my scrapheap, but John thinks they are the work of the devil himself.


  1. Well the devil, ravening space aliens, four horesmen of the apocalypse and any amount of bankers.. all rolled into one guy that really shouldn't wear jeans on stage..

  2. Can't agree with John on that one since I've been using a Mac at home for some years now and am mightily pleased with it. If I had an extra $1K lying around, I'd have an iPad in minute. My main problem with it is that it does so many things that I'm unlikely to want or need.