Wednesday, 6 January 2010

scrabbling about.

Pushing to the very limit the fact that I am obviously being smiled upon just at the moment I did the scariest thing, the thing that I have been leading up to bit by bit on my latest iPod round.

Deleting my whole MUSE catalogue and re ripping it in lossless.

Just to save you the stress that I went through it did work, and perfectly. And of course I still had the discs and the backup files etc etc but to delete anything by MUSE is going against God and nature.. I actually had to close my eyes before clicking on delete..

And to prove Christmas really is over this is the guys on an airport conveyor on their way to Korea for the next leg of the Resistance tour. Work, work..

More MUSE news in that they have just won best album cover for the Resistance, well DUH! It's gorgeous..

And pushing your MUSE tolerance to the max, do watch this clip intended to persuade kids to take science and maths, Boy did I take a wrong turning. These guys have to have the best job in the world & I'd happily cut short Christmas..

Oh and in other news we are being very British and ground to a halt and snowed in with at least.. an inch.. of snow.

Some things don't change.


  1. We're about to be snowed in by a 50% chance of snow with no accumulation--but the word was mentioned.

  2. Don't you just love weatherman-speak?