Saturday, 16 January 2010

Monica's Closet

Todays MUSE video isn't from the Big Day Out in Auckland, seems very few were actually filming, but instead having too good a time and what there is are frankly terrible quality.

But this is the official video for The Resistance single. And as I said on youtube, it's a European gig *perfectly* summed up in 5 minutes.

The picture though IS from Auckland. MUSE are having fun, they really like doing these stripped down outdoor gigs and they seemed to knock the Kiwi's for six. Heavy, tight and with an incredible show, they should try a full on Euro set then :-)

Today I thought I'd bite the bullet and show you my room. Now everyone thinks what a nice tidy person I am though if they get to see that they might change their minds. This is my 'Monica's Closet' and no matter what I do or how often I do it it always ends up looking like this. But I guess everyone needs a space to show their other side LOL.

Dominated by my retro hi fi, this is the one I use most of all, not the smart (not quite as retro - but definitely more up market) one in the living room.

What I most want now is a Revox A77 reel to reel recorder, I'd never use it but I have always wanted one and it would increase my pile of junk most impressively :-)

Though the bag of what looks like rubbish between the speakers are actually the tiles for the upper hall - they have to be kept warm & dry so maybe it's not *that* bad.

No, I was right first time - it's a tip.


  1. Graham, if that's a tip, then I think we might just operate from different standards. While I try to keep things down on a dull roar on my kitchen work table, it might be one of those where my tidy is your messy. ;)

  2. My desk is absolutely spotless....just for the moment, but if you could see inside my computer at the chaos, you would laugh for hours. I made a hell of a mess yesterday. I'm spending the day being patient and putting it in order. Tomorrow I can make my desk look like yours again.

  3. Amost no way to keep wireing tidy.

    You do have an impressive pile of goodies tho.

  4. Graham I had to look at the larger view to be sure - my eyes fooled me. The large cityscape just above the shelving - well I thought it was so much electronica piled thick & deep all the way up the wall. Nope - just buildings. Still, an impressive collection!