Friday, 20 November 2009

That was easy

Early this evening, noticed a message from My MUSE buddy Gabriel, suddenly he was going to a second night at Wembley.

Straight over to See tickets and sure enough while I was out a second date had been announced.


But I needn't have, filled in the form, got the ticket, got the confirmation. Just how easy was that?

Gabriel is stressing about hotels.. this isn't until next September, there are thousands in London, there is time...

Children in what?

Dolly is very p*d off with me today. I've ripped up the living room carpet. No matter that while fine for a hotel in the living room it was utterly hideous (and smelly) It was carpet, and she liked it.

It's now in pieces in the garage, along with the curtains ready to be taken down the dump - Triumph!

I shall just have to put up with filthy looks and annoyed howls waking me in the night until it's all finished. Then she will like it, she always does. She's got taste that cat. It's just she can never accept this stuff takes *time*.

I just saw MUSE on the children in need thing they recorded last Thursday at the Royal Albert Hall before the proper gig at the O2.

Actually I watched the set on youtube, I cannot stand all those 'celebrities' showing off and being stupid (well even stupider I should say)I've never done more then flick past one of those BBC fiasco's and don't intend to start now.

I think Matt Chris & Dom might agree with me. I've never seen three men look more uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of whoever in their company booked them to do it.

Ghastly sad cheesy 1970's staging,reminiscent of Saturday night at the London Palladium from 1976 and a sorry excuse for a concert.

Great for Shirley Bassey in some fantastic frock (or Robbie Williams)But MUSE? I think the BBC truly has no idea, and the audience didn't even seem to know who they were... waiting for Paul McCartney.


I had wondered at their sheer energy later on that evening (I had feared that they would be exhausted doing two gigs in one night) Now all is clear..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Relief

Last Friday I was feeling that it was all over, I knew I was at MUSE's last UK gig. Having a veggie burger and beer while the ghastly support act were on (the big Pink, I had learned the hard way to miss their set the day before) chatting to two nice girls about it all they informed me that two stadium shows had just been announced for 2010.

The relief! I joked that I now had something to live for again, of course I was overstating - a bit. And later this was confirmed by Dom's 'see you next year' as they were leaving the stage.

Then comes *the fear* what happens if you don't get tickets, and you don't know, and you have to wait, and there will be a fan pre sale, but what if you don't get you're unique fan code, what if something goes wrong, the computer dies, what it what if what if.

On line this morning ready with the said code and username for, I realised I had read the clock wrong and I was an hour early. This could only happen to me. *Another* hour

09:00 exactly, I am in a queue, I have heard that before.. I click away, click back, Ye Gods, I'm in! You have two minutes to fill out the form. Done done done. accepted! Did I fill in the form right? It can *still* go wrong, were my card details right?.. Then the confirmation mail. I look at the clock. 09:03. It seems like hours, but it's done! I am off to Wembley next September 11th.

The Relief.

But there is no way they will stick at just the two shows, This will all happen again.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Two nights at the O2

I am sorry about the layout of this post, I think I have come across some heavy blogger limitations...
Outside the London O2, formally the Millennium dome, slightly freaked out by it the first night it is a great venue.
A wide angle giving some idea of the space. This was Friday night. I didn't even take my camera Thursday..

Dodgy sound from being right in front of the stage & bass bins.. but my God what a view..

This might actually give some shadow of what it was like...
This is Exogenisis, the first Encore. I'm amazed how well this picture came out considering I was crying at the time...
Thank God for running with sweat, no one could tell...

Chris, the 'lone man' at the intro of Knights of Cydonia

I really wish I had taken my laptop with me to London. Then in the early hours of the mornings when I was not able to sleep *at all* I would have had something to do rather then watch bad TV. I might also have had some idea what to tell you of a transcendent experience (yes I do know what it means) Just what these two nights at the O2 have meant to me.

But since I have had so many confusing thoughts on it, and had such a comedown afterwards (It's all fun and games but they never tell you about the withdrawal) That I genuinely have no idea where to start.

I am never going to get across the sheer power impact and simple raw *talent* of these three men. Three nice guys from Devon have somehow turned into one of the greatest rock bands in the world (I only say 'one of' so that you don't think I am overstating)

Believe me when you see 20.000+ people moving as one, punching the air and screaming then you know you are in the presence of something wonderful. MUSE don't have fans, they have believers and this is where world domination begins.

I can deal with that.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Been so quiet

Well I've been so quiet for the past few weeks, you may know I've been building things... OK I am nowhere near finished yet, but like Dr Frank'n'furter in the Rocky Horror Show, I do so love it when a plan comes together...

But this week I've sparked into life (maybe like the creation) as it's MUSE week. Thursday I am off to London to see them at the O2. Thursdays ticket is one of the second chance ones and as far as i can gather it I will be so high that I will be in danger of being sucked into the aircon... or maybe trepanned by passing planes, but what the hell I shall be THERE.

Fridays ticket looks sensible and a good one (should be it cost a fortune) but again what the hell

Also this time I have sorted accommodation, more or less picked with a pin, have you any idea how many hotels there are in London?! And I would have got a train ticket, but frankly the website got me so confused I gave up.

This might give you some idea....