Friday, 20 November 2009

That was easy

Early this evening, noticed a message from My MUSE buddy Gabriel, suddenly he was going to a second night at Wembley.

Straight over to See tickets and sure enough while I was out a second date had been announced.


But I needn't have, filled in the form, got the ticket, got the confirmation. Just how easy was that?

Gabriel is stressing about hotels.. this isn't until next September, there are thousands in London, there is time...


  1. I assume you are getting a very basic (read cheap) B&B. Would you share the name of it? Or the one you used this last time. I am eager to get to a nature reserve (near Edinburgh) and am goig to try for it next year.

    Hurrah on the second night!

  2. Graham, the sun is shining on you for these MUSE events. Glad to see it.

  3. ..."Happy Birthday, dear Graham! Happy Birthday to you!" ;-) And many, many more happy years, sir!