Monday, 9 November 2009

Been so quiet

Well I've been so quiet for the past few weeks, you may know I've been building things... OK I am nowhere near finished yet, but like Dr Frank'n'furter in the Rocky Horror Show, I do so love it when a plan comes together...

But this week I've sparked into life (maybe like the creation) as it's MUSE week. Thursday I am off to London to see them at the O2. Thursdays ticket is one of the second chance ones and as far as i can gather it I will be so high that I will be in danger of being sucked into the aircon... or maybe trepanned by passing planes, but what the hell I shall be THERE.

Fridays ticket looks sensible and a good one (should be it cost a fortune) but again what the hell

Also this time I have sorted accommodation, more or less picked with a pin, have you any idea how many hotels there are in London?! And I would have got a train ticket, but frankly the website got me so confused I gave up.

This might give you some idea....


  1. Have a lovely time! With all the work you've been doing in the living room, it's nice that you'll be able to take a break and do something completely different (even if Dolly does get offended at your being gone overnight).

  2. Man, everybody is just totally digging Muse, eh?
    Mmmm hmm.
    Btw, this is a new blog address for me, the last one got filled up :)

  3. Have a grand and glorious time, Graham!! I surely hope you don't get scalped by a low-flying helicopter, especially one filled with crazed photographers. ;-)