Monday, 16 November 2009

Two nights at the O2

I am sorry about the layout of this post, I think I have come across some heavy blogger limitations...
Outside the London O2, formally the Millennium dome, slightly freaked out by it the first night it is a great venue.
A wide angle giving some idea of the space. This was Friday night. I didn't even take my camera Thursday..

Dodgy sound from being right in front of the stage & bass bins.. but my God what a view..

This might actually give some shadow of what it was like...
This is Exogenisis, the first Encore. I'm amazed how well this picture came out considering I was crying at the time...
Thank God for running with sweat, no one could tell...

Chris, the 'lone man' at the intro of Knights of Cydonia

I really wish I had taken my laptop with me to London. Then in the early hours of the mornings when I was not able to sleep *at all* I would have had something to do rather then watch bad TV. I might also have had some idea what to tell you of a transcendent experience (yes I do know what it means) Just what these two nights at the O2 have meant to me.

But since I have had so many confusing thoughts on it, and had such a comedown afterwards (It's all fun and games but they never tell you about the withdrawal) That I genuinely have no idea where to start.

I am never going to get across the sheer power impact and simple raw *talent* of these three men. Three nice guys from Devon have somehow turned into one of the greatest rock bands in the world (I only say 'one of' so that you don't think I am overstating)

Believe me when you see 20.000+ people moving as one, punching the air and screaming then you know you are in the presence of something wonderful. MUSE don't have fans, they have believers and this is where world domination begins.

I can deal with that.



  1. Absolutely Stunning!!! I've been going along with you as well as I can from Korea, playing YouTube videos of the concert, as soon as they started to appear. What an Experience!! They are Amazing!!!!

  2. Sil, I will be getting tickets for September (either that or die). Come with me.

  3. OH WOW! Nice job documenting the concert too.

  4. So - I'm guessing you had a wonderful time, eh? ;)

  5. Wonderful stuff. Thank you. You have made me a Muse enthusiast.

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