Saturday, 28 August 2010

Todays Haul

Actually a slight cheat as it arrived yesterday, but I now have in my hands William Gibson's new novel Zero History.

I bought Neuromancer on Brighton Railway Station in 1984. I opened it read the first line 'The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel'. That started a love affair thats continued to this day. While his books have gradually moved away from Science fiction to be set in the increasingly complex world we live in the poetry and beauty of his style holds me as tightly as ever.

And by coincidence I finished the new Neal Asher yesterday :-)

My other haul, in this case a bargain, was the second hand gorgeous boxed limited edition set of My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade.

The album which I love deeply is the same, in this case it's the box itself that is so exceptional. Including a book about the album and it's concepts by the band the whole style is Victorian/Steampunk/Faulkner. it reminds me of those deep south funeral 'pictures' made of plaited twisted hair and dried flowers

Actually even the fact that it's second hand is fitting :-)

My Chemical romance have become one of my latest obsessions. There may be more mentions...

Friday, 27 August 2010


I have had a countdown clock on my desktop for the last 10 months. From a count of over 300 days we are now down (at the time of writing)to 14 days 10 hours 53 minutes.

MUSE at Wembley. Announced at the O2 10 months ago we are now nearly there.

While these days I have a new album by My Chemical Romance to look forward to. Flamingo (and subsequent tour) by Brandon Flowers and even Roxy Music next January at the O2 (the last time they toured as a band my mother wouldn't let me go) Muse are my first love.

After much panicking my tickets finally arrived yesterday. And now it's real.

There will be more..