Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Relief

Last Friday I was feeling that it was all over, I knew I was at MUSE's last UK gig. Having a veggie burger and beer while the ghastly support act were on (the big Pink, I had learned the hard way to miss their set the day before) chatting to two nice girls about it all they informed me that two stadium shows had just been announced for 2010.

The relief! I joked that I now had something to live for again, of course I was overstating - a bit. And later this was confirmed by Dom's 'see you next year' as they were leaving the stage.

Then comes *the fear* what happens if you don't get tickets, and you don't know, and you have to wait, and there will be a fan pre sale, but what if you don't get you're unique fan code, what if something goes wrong, the computer dies, what it what if what if.

On line this morning ready with the said code and username for, I realised I had read the clock wrong and I was an hour early. This could only happen to me. *Another* hour

09:00 exactly, I am in a queue, I have heard that before.. I click away, click back, Ye Gods, I'm in! You have two minutes to fill out the form. Done done done. accepted! Did I fill in the form right? It can *still* go wrong, were my card details right?.. Then the confirmation mail. I look at the clock. 09:03. It seems like hours, but it's done! I am off to Wembley next September 11th.

The Relief.

But there is no way they will stick at just the two shows, This will all happen again.

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  1. So glad to read that it worked out for you.