Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Yesterday, in spite of all the dire warnings it held off showing *just* long enough for me to get to Swansea, see my oldest friend, totally OD on caffeine in Starbucks *and* get back home. It was incredibly cold but something was smiling on me. Frozen I can deal with, but snowed in in Starbucks may not be as good as it sounds at ..

What to say about meeting your oldest best friend for the first time in years? We're both older, though possibly no wiser and I still have a little difficulty in reconciling this 'grown up' sitting opposite me with the guy I've known since 11.

But he IS the same guy I've always known I'm glad to say, a hug, another hug and another for luck and we were away like we had never lost touch.

I'd like to say just as if we'd seen each other yesterday and from ease and understanding it was, but there was WAY too much to catch up on. Probably much to the annoyance and certainly fascination of the other customers on surrounding tables.. EEK!

We talked for two solid hours and since then I have been thinking of all the stuff we never got around to, all that I didn't ask or tell. However he's back again in a couple of weeks and in the meantime there's Facebook, but it's really not the same..

But maybe now I can see a point to these 'social networking' sites.

I'm on twitter now too (yeah I know, but if you've given in too I'm MUSEmunkey, say hello)

I've been keeping up with the Japanese leg of the Resistance tour as it happens and have just found that for the encore at Budokan Dom (drummer) was wearing a costume of Gachapin (I thought it was a baby Godzilla, but what do I know?) that everyone has been talking about. Turns out given to him by my friend Snow and her friend on a 'meet and greet'. Now you have to admit that is pretty cool..

Though it does *slightly* detract from the solemnity of the overture of the Exogenesis symphony... :-)


  1. As another who met up with her oldest best friend (after almost 40 years) I understand the challenge of adapting to the image of the "grown up" sitting there. It sure is worth it, though.

  2. frankly, I would like to be wearing a small Godzilla costume myself, and Live at Budokan, wasn't that a Cheap Trick album once ? :)
    And you said it, meeting up with my old pals going back to when I was 11 also has been the greatest pleasure of the last year alright ! and if you wish, my facebook is garyrith at yahoo dot com

  3. There's nothing like a friend who knows you from *waay* back when! I'm delighted you have reconnected. :-)