Sunday, 10 January 2010


Yesterday, I was going to do all sorts of stuff, mostly in the garage. But it was freezing cold. So I didn't. Which was just as well. As I spent most of the day on the net trying to find out how the MUSE gig in Osaka was going.

Supposed to start at 18:00 local time, MUSE actually came on at 19:00. (those Japanese guys really like their gigs early, and I thought we had it bad here with our 23:00 curfew!) They don't have any support band, frankly I wish they'd ditch the support here too, well Lady Gaga (allegedly) excepted..

Now as I've said this was Japan, home of the most switched on technologically advanced gizmo obsessed people on the planet. If it it doesn't have a lithium ion battery and WiFi they are not interested.

Or so we have always been told.

My friends I think we have yet again been fed a line. To what end I am not sure, except maybe to make us gobble as much technojunk as possible in order to try and 'keep up'.

Before the gig I found one picture of roadies (sorry technical/physical support crew) and a couple of tweets saying MUSE were on their way)

Then that was it. Myself and the other MUSE obsessives on the forum were, just like watching big brother in the early hours, sitting there waiting *in case* something, anything should happen. 50 minutes in, not a word. An hour, 90 mins, nothing.

There is always someone giving constant tweet updates from their iPhone/Nokia/Samsung and uploading grainy pictures as they happen. But this is *Japan* I was expecting perfect live action video streamed direct to youtube in real time at the *very* least!


Please don't think I am criticizing the people in any way, I sure as hell wouldn't be messing about with gizmo's while MUSE were on, I want to give them my whole and full attention, but there are always people who will (judge by all the little LED screens you can constantly see in any audience) and the techno expectations were therefore dialled up to the max.

But I am criticizing whatever agencies have been responsible for feeding us this load of tosh over the years. That is the one thing about 't'interweb, sooner or later your sins do find you out :-)

My new friend Ichu has since given a very full and detailed account, but even today there are no more then 5 videos on youtube and frankly not of the best technical quality. Quite like the output of cameras we have been persuaded to throw away years ago..

I was really surprised that again it is the stripped down basic staging, again I was expecting it to be dialled *up*. And the Japanese seem to prefer MUSE's mellow quiet songs.

Looks like someone at least knows the reality, Hmmmm

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