Saturday, 9 January 2010

Old friends

I know this is a few days old bit figure you were fed up with MUSE, but what the hell it's my blog :-)

This is at Seoul on the 6th, an ultra stripped down set, with no towers or lifts, circular stage or truckloads of awesome Showgun lights. Not even Matt's beloved custom Kawai 'grand' piano. But like at Teignmouth, and almost uniquely these days they don't need it, they can do it anyway.

This is Butterflies and Hurricanes, a lot of the fans really have their knickers in a twist as this is the first time it has aired on this tour.

Next, Jo Hall Osaka, *tonight* or if I am right about midday GMT. Time zones are a b****

Facebook, who says it doesn't work? Well I always thought it was rather pointless but, wrong! Yesterday out of the blue I had a friend request. I had to mentally add a few years, but it was my oldest and best friend, we have known each other since we were kids but as things happen lost touch a few years ago.

He's living in London right now but still has his house in Swansea. We're going to meet up next week for coffee. I can't wait.


  1. I'm sorry Graham...but you can keep MUSE. Must be my age. I used to love to 'rock out' to a wide variety of various groups, but even today, we were in a big box electronics store and I couldn't even concentrate on what I was looking for. I felt like OGP - I had to leave. lol.

    Sounds like a nice meet up with your old pal, eh? It's always a thrill to talk with someone from long ago.

    Any insight on a nice small DVD player (that plays DIVX) for a kitchen tv. I know you're a fountain of information! Of course, I've just slammed your favorite band, so if you've no info, I do understand... ;(

  2. I do realize they are not for everyone, and frankly a lot of the stuff around makes me feel the same, well most if I'm honest.
    As for a DVD player, I figure models would be different but I can (surprisingly) recommend Philips and they have been getting bouquets from lots of quarters. Just go for the cheapest that will do what you want.

  3. Much obliged, Graham! I'll have a look around at Amazon. (Otherwise I'll have to go assault my thoughts at the big box again).