Monday, 25 January 2010

My Horoscope

My Horscope for yesterday said that if I planned well and finished a project then I would have a real sense of achievement and satisfaction (I am paraphrasing of course).

I was trying to work out if there was any situation when you finally finished a project where you would *not* feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement?

Anyway keeping this very much in mind (NOT) I did crack on with the shelves for the living room *and* finally finished them.

Recycling bits of Ikea Besta units had seemed like such a good idea when I thought of it, but if I had realised just how involved and time consuming it was all going to be then I would have just taken the whole lot down the dump and started afresh. My guilt would have dissipated and been forgotten over time... :-)

I'll take some pics as soon as they have something on them and so look more interesting, but they are basically dead thick white shelves with pine edging on adjustable brackets. NOT so complicated, and now they are done I can't imagine what took quite so much effort.

The first one to be finished I thought it looked a bit like an 80's kitchen unit, but I think maybe they do look 70's Scandinavian after all... I'd have liked teak edging, but these days it seems a solid gold/platinum mix would be easier to get hold of and a fair bit cheaper.. (would have looked tacky though, so I rejected that idea)

Now I have to decide what to do with all the rest of the Besta parts..

What's next? well I am going to have to empty the floor area again and refinish the floor - again.

I don't know if you have 'No Nonsense' products where you are, (in the UK sold by Screwfix) but if you do under no circumstances use their acrylic floor varnish. It feels tacky and sticky underfoot (it was applied before Christmas) and scuffs and marks like you would not believe. I'd used their previous product many times but this is just rubbish of the first order.

Actually considering the effort I put in and with such a disappointing (to put it mildly) result I very much doubt I would ever again trust a 'no nonsense' product in any situation.

I complained but of course have heard nothing. Surprised? No.


  1. Oh, Rats! Thanks for the warning! We have some weird flooring here in Korea that they call "linseed-oil paper," but I'm guessing is some kind of soft plastic. My cats have been sharpening their claws in it, and I've got to do something.

  2. Dolly usually goes for the cream rug - she would, while it may have come from Ikea it's handknotted pure new wool, incredibly thick, so heavy even I can't lift it, cost a fortune and defo NOT up to Dolly's claws..
    They have this uncanny ability to work out what will do the most damage..