Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pattern Recognition

Tempting fate and just *asking* for trouble but...

Yesterday I installed a simple Ethernet network. Went smooth as smooth and a piece of p*** to do. So my computer no longer uses wireless, got rid of that Dlink dongle thing (I thought they were supposed to make good stuff) and now I have a 30MB connection. A bit of a relief after 16K..

I also installed a socket in the living room next to the TV. So far it's doing nothing but the way non-dad technology is going it's bound to be needed sooner or later.

Then with trepidation in my heart I plugged my iPod into my computer. No warnings, no tales of corruption, without hesitation it synced the stuff that the day before it had repeatedly refused.

The ultimate test I deleted all my Killers albums, re - ripped them in Apple Lossless and reloaded them. Done, perfectly, without demur.

And this morning I hear that Lady Gaga will be supporting MUSE at Wembley in September.

Is it me or is there a *definite* pattern emerging here?


  1. And of course you will be going. :)

  2. I believe, kind sir, that the tides turned in your favor.