Tuesday, 24 March 2009

When I fell over the peacock

I had the worst news EVER today! OK I exaggerate a touch, but I mailed playback video, the publishers of McM&W and got this very nice reply telling me that have no current plans to publish any more then the first series.

Now that's just teasing me and all fans of 70's kitsch... BUT their minds can be changed, so if you feel really nicely about me and my latest obsession do please contact them here and nag! I mean they've got all of Magnum PI and while I really wish I had Mr Sellecks chest hair you can't tell me it's better then McMilan and wife!

Today was supermarket day. Does everyone get really attached to their regular shop? Yesterday we were forced to go to the local Tesco and the experience was not a good one. How come people in other then your chosen shops seem rude and miserable? And you can never find anything...

Coming back we found no less then 4 peacocks wandering around the garden. We'd been visited by two of these exotica a few weeks ago, but this time they seemed to have brought a couple of friends. Judging by the calls of the little b****ers still further up the hill I think there are still plenty more to come.

Aside from winning a fortune on the lottery and buying some huge palatial heap ('darling are the peacocks still on the West lawn?') kind of thing, I never thought I would be woken in the early hours by the over sexed birds getting up to whatever it is they do when it's dark and making such a racket over it.


  1. Honestly - you do make me laugh, Mr. Mumford. I have bookmarked playback video and will send them off a note to ensure that you might get to see the next series of McM&W. (Although - Tom Selleck is something to behold...chest hair, or not!) Right along with a much younger *swoon* James Garner. How I loved Mr. Garner! He can (or could have) park his boots...(ya - well you know the rest! lol).

    Your peacocks are lovely. But I would imagine that they would be like our wild geese, here. Lovely to look at, but a nuisance, none the less. All the honking and calling and mating - leaving little packages of yesterdays, digested material, all over. I can see your point.

    We too, are attached to our calm and quiet Hannaford, here. When we must (for some idiot reasons) try our local Shoprite or Price Chopper, it's very stressing. Yes - people are rude and miserable and no...we can never find a thing either! Creatures of habit, we are. Although, Gary has a fantastic Wegmans, up where he is. Our supermarkets here are trying to pass a law so they can sell wine in their stores. (Prohibition, stopped that, back some 2,000 years ago or so.) :) So now they are trying to overturn the law.

  2. Ah Peacocks. Spring has sprung, the grass has riz and birdie hormones are kicking in. My sympathies.

    (would double pane windows keep the sound out?)

  3. When will science come up with selective ear-mufflers? You know, little plugs that filter out those high-pitched, irritating noises. Once, long ago, I heard the shrieks of peacocks. It was, in it's own way, as grating on my nerves as the proverbial 'fingernails on blackboard.' I do hope the cocks will settle down once the hens start brooding their eggs.

    Hugs from the land of ring-necked pheasants,
    ~ Sil

  4. I did send an inquiry off to the purveyors of McMillan & Wife, and got back a nice little form letter saying to keep checking the website for new shows (although they have no plans to get more McM&W right now).

  5. Hey - anything new and exciting going on???

    'Bout time for another post, eh? ;)

  6. Just wondering if the pheasants have settled down ?
    Hope all is well, your staying busy, I assume !