Monday, 2 March 2009

So Long

This is my last post, I had thought I was doing a fun blog, just a bit of light hearted chat, but after a rather unpleasant mail to John I see that is not the case.

I may be thin skinned but I get really upset by comments like that by people who don't even know me. My fault, I see it now, but it won't happen again.

And for you nice people, thanks it was nice knowing you.


  1. Maybe we shouldn't let people comment at all. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and I'm sorry to see you go. I can't imagine that anyone commented unpleasantly to John, but of course, there are stupid people everywhere. All my best to you.

  2. Oh, Graham...I've just put you in "my favorites". together with John, and now your doing a bunk ?
    Maybe you could moderate your comments, or John's, there are always people who think it's cute to hurt other people's feelings, bugger 'em.
    I LOVE your blog, please reconsider, we're not all rude, and I would miss you already.....

  3. Oh my - this is terrible. I do hope you reconsider. One bad they say. I've been enjoying your blog, so much.

    Perhaps take a few days to think it over. Nothing good ever comes from hasty decisions.

    All the best.

  4. Graham, I'm joining in hoping you'll reconsider. I am thin-skinned, and understand not needing nastiness. But there are ways to set up blogs where you can control the readership completely, such as at LiveJournal. That goes a long way toward weeding out nastiness. If you need more information, please ask...I'm assuming you have access to e-mail addresses posted with comments; if not, click through to my journal and use the contact link.

    In any case, my best wishes to you and John.

  5. Rats...that only links to a blogger profile, not to the site. It's .

  6. Graham, I am sorry to see you make this decision. I enjoy anything you and OGP have to say, and I would gladly disembowel the person who has insulted you.

  7. Graham, I am desolated to hear what has happened and even more so since I was totally unaware that you had your own blog, which I know I'd have really loved to read and now it's going before I've even had a chance. Please don't let such mean-minded smallness get to you. You and OGP have been together for such a long time, and have been such a great team. Don't let it get to ye, mon!

  8. I for one would like to see you stick around Graham. I've just found your blog after discovering that you were following mine. I've just read your posts and enjoyed them very much.

    It would be a shame for you to leave now. I'm still not clear on what has caused you to make this decision, but I wouldn't let it get to you. I'm sure I have all of 4 or 5 people that follow me, but it doesn't matter. I'll just keep posting away. if nothing else, I'll be able to go back and read my own blog years from now I hope. It's almost like keeping a mini diary.

    Keep going!

  9. Please do reconsider. I have loved Graham's posts for a long, long time and was so delighted to "meet" you through yours. I don't know what was said, but it was one scummy person who shouldn't be given one second's thought. Your postings have been very good and I've enjoyed them so much. Please don't go.

  10. I meant I've loved John's posts. You're Graham, of course. Sorry--I was in a hurry because I was so upset by this.

  11. Graham, no matter what you do, there will be jerks out there. The first lesson is not to run from them. I'll be honest; I don't understand your decision in this matter. You'll take on Sir Fred Goodwin, you'll write Andy Burnham, but you won't kick some chav in the head that desperately deserves it?

    I seem to recall John had some prejudiced idiot harassing him years ago and he came close to quitting. I'm glad he didn't tuck tail and run, because I have unabashedly fallen in love with his writing. I look forward each day to the peek that he allows me into your lives. My life would be poorer without his journal.

    If you choose to tuck tail and run, you let the bullies win. You let them silence you. You allow them to shove you back into the dark. You let them dictate the terms of your existence.

    Live your life Graham, don't cower in the shadows because of one idiot.

  12. OGP has mentioned from time to time that he received hate mail. Alas there are small minded people who can't stand anyone being smarter, or stronger, or in any way different from them.

    I was really looking forward to your comments on repairs, etc. Like the comment about the doors.

    I wanted to share your triumph as the catio was done, and other projects.

    About the computer. There are a few notebooks out there that come with XP still. I agree about Vista and had been considering Ubutu. Oh well.

    Damn. I miss you already.

  13. I really enjoy reading what you write. There are idiots on the internet, but they are very few and far between. Please, do reconsider. I always remember what my dear late, well brought up, but sometimes crude husband used to say, "Tell 'em to kiss my ruby-red begonia!"

  14. Please don't go!!! I read John every day, but almost never comment. I love his journal and I have so enjoyed reading yours.

    I hate mean people!!

  15. I know how it smarts when someone leaves a nasty comment, and so early in your blogging experience it would be doubly hurtful. I fast came to the conclusion to treat 'em with the contempt they deserve.

    Don't let 'em win, Graham. :-)

  16. I'd like to add my agreement to all that has been said above. Sorry that you've had this negative experience so early on, I'm so glad that I didn't as I've made some wonderful friends and learned a great deal from their insights through my blog and from what I'm reading here you're well on your way to that to :)