Saturday, 7 March 2009


I have started down the slippery slope..

The hall ceiling has a crack in it (in the loft there is actually a boot print on the back of the plasterboard where someone has slipped off the truss and stood on it). The last people seem to have tried to cover it, but the ceilings are artex it's impossible to repair invisibly so it just draws attention to it.

I'd been considering this action for some while, but I know once you have started you can't stop so for months I have resisted.

But there I was yesterday in Wickes (they seem to be doing pretty well out of me of late) had to have a couple of gates and some posts delivered anyway as there are limits to what even I can get in a Fiesta and it was beckoning with it's siren call. Yes, I am talking pine cladding...

Now the 70's die is cast, give it 18 months and the whole place will have pine ceilings as well as cork floors, I can just feel it, and I have a sudden resurgence of interest in macrame....


  1. I couldn't do macrame, either! lol. It frustrated the heck out of me.

  2. For some reason, the tile ceiling in a small (2x3)section of the master suite has decided to sag. The tile is mounted to 'strips' of board about 6" apart, in that section of the house which was built in the 70's.

    I'm not sure what the problem is, nor do I really have the knowledge to fix it - but I'm at the point of considering new material to replace it with.

    I'm rather certain I'll not be putting up pine. The ceiling in the front section of the house, built in the 40's, is constructed of tongue-in-groove, which was covered by ceiling tiles...

    So I'm thinking of gypsum board and professional installation. Doing one 15x25 section shouldn't take more than one day, and there might even be enough time left to paint it before bedtime.

    So what would you advise, Graham? Gypsum and paint? Reattach the sagging (but excellent condition) tiles? Rip out the whole lot and put up mirrors and a disco ball?

  3. Drop me a line, we can discuss it :-)

  4. Yeah! Mirrors and a disco ball - and strobe lights, lava lamps... hmmmm. Seem to have slipped into the time warp again myself!

  5. Oh! I like the disco ball idea. Just skip the music. Will the pine be natural or stained or painted?

  6. Oh - Mirrors and a disco ball is the way to go, Edward! lol.

  7. Yup, definitely disco ball and mirrors, I'll get you some Donna Summer albums to go with it :-) Tiffany lights and parlor palms would go with the look too...

  8. Oh sorry Wayne, natural with just a matt water based lacquer. I'm going to need *more spotlights* (and not those new fangled halogen things either)