Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday already

Not been great at blogging the last few days and I've decided that's a *bad* thing, it gets to be like that e mail you keep meaning to reply to and suddenly you realise six months have gone past! Actually I think the trick is the more of it you do the better you get at it, or at least quicker, like most things really :-)

So as to shattering events : the last couple of days here have been lovely, so sunny and warm, and I've been putting up a couple of gates outside the kitchen door in this rather narrow alley so that Dolly the cat can stop whingeing and go out there, but will be safe and not able to wander off. She may be big and scary looking, but actually she is a total wimp with no sense whatsoever.

Actually stick a few pots out there and it'll be a really nice if tiny garden, and something nicer to look out on then next doors garage..

I've also been filling and rubbing down woodwork, I don't mind doing it so much, and once it's been done once, and well, it'll never need doing like that again. But I hate the mess it makes everywhere. As you may have realised, I'm not a big fan of dust..

If any of you have seen 'how clean is your house?' I have this fantasy of Kim and Aggie coming around and telling me the place is great (anyone who knows them will know there is fat chance of that, but I can fantasize..)


  1. Isn't this the same total wimp who jumped to the top of the fence at the last house to warn off a marauder (i.e., strange cat)?

  2. The show that I saw of 'How clean is your house' is one where they went in to the bathroom with rubber gloves and looked into the toilet. The camera showed the view from inside the toilet looking up at her face! Gawd - don't let her come here!!! lol. She scares the heck out of me! My toilets are clean - but geez, she'd find the dogs!