Monday, 2 March 2009

Computers, a short whine.

I would have posted over the weekend, I intended to. I'd written what I thought was a pretty good post on Roxy Music and early glam rock.

Then in spite of supposedly 'autosaving' every minute or so it went, just disappeared, gone, finito. Maybe I really should write in Wordpad then just copy it to blogger when I'm done.

But this computer is going through one of it's flakey periods, it does this every now and then, you ask it to do something (like open a browser window, something difficult like that...) and it just sits there, and sits, and sits.. eventually I get bored and restart, then it loses the mouse so you restart again. This time it's the keyboard. By the time I'm on the 5th restart I've got bored and gone off to watch TV.

I tried Linux, but command lines just aren't me (I can't remember even the simple ones). 

Ubuntu (it just works) doesn't. It fell at the first hurdle, it won't work with my ultra exotic (not) Netgear WiFi card, that's pretty basic. 

I'd rather chew earwigs then use Vista. (I'd need a new computer to give me a marginally prettier desktop and a supernanny attitude, I'd end up booting it).

I guess I could go Apple, but they always seem so smug (though I'd put up with that for an updated Cube) and I refuse to buy from a company that charges the same in Pounds as they do in Dollars (we're not at parity - yet) especially when the goods are made in China anyway.

I'm stuck with my flaky XP for now I guess.  Of course there is the new windows. I won't hold my breath.


  1. yes, I'm sticking with flaky XP for now. I've gotten so I know when it's going to crash; the "hamsters" start running madly for no good reason. Even fended off a crash today (first time I ever did that!) by deleting all the Temporary Internet files when I heard it start whirring.

  2. Graham, I suspect that while your system balked at Ubuntu out of the box, it could be done with your Netgear wireless gear.

    If you decide you'd like to try again, I would be happy to help out. You'd likely have to commandeer another computer at the house to communicate with while we're at it, but I think you'd like it once you got there.

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