Friday, 13 March 2009

Like a rabbit

You know that feeling when you seem to have so much to do that you don't know which way to turn, what to do first and so you just don't do anything? Well that's been me this week, like a rabbit in the headlights. I couldn't even rouse a blog entry.

The weather while very wet is getting warmer and the evenings really are lighter, and doing something to the garden is looming, but the house still needs decorating and frankly this dark green patterned carpet in the living room and landing and unrelenting shabby beige walls throughout are making me suicidal and the brighter light just makes it all look worse.

So finally I woke with a decision, the doors are finished (well except the bathroom and that's a whole other story) and the difference is vast, a whole layer of tattiness gone, they look great. I shall make a start on the woodwork, I'm a bit of a psycho for woodwork, it has to be right.

But I have decided rather then lining and cross lining the walls, I shall fill, a bit of sanding and a couple of coats of matt white emulsion. It'll be clean, crisp and I can always do it again it later when I decide whats wanted, and white is a statement after all isn't it? At least its not 'going to sell the house' cream.. :-)

And that carpet WILL go, next room on the list!

So to get over feeling frazzled and having actually decided something (which with me is way more then half the battle) I have just gone completely mad and ordered the first series of Macmillan and Wife from Amazon. I loved that series... back in the '70s....


  1. 'going to sell the house' cream! Now that's funny! I think (Hummm - my walls are creamish) because I can't (or won't) make up my mind on colors. You see, I've been intending to sell this house for years, so I can't commit.

    Macmillan and Wife! Wow I used to watch that all the time back then!

  2. Funny how you like the 70's American shows and here we are, t'other side of the pond, watching the boxed set of the 70's "The Sweeney" - We've just re-watched the entire boxed set of "Inspector Morse" but have the one last episode (The Remorseful Day) to watch, and we both know what happens in that episode, and neither of us has the heart to sit down and go thru that ordeal at the moment. So we watch The Sweeney and revel in the acting prowess of Mr. Thaw.

  3. It's true - what Bex is referring to - we watch the American BBC here all the time and love the British shows.

    I am in love with 'Keeping Up Appearances" starring Patricia Routledge and I wish 'Absolutely Fabulous' with Jennifer Saunders would return. Rumor has it - it will reappear this year??

  4. Oh - and I do love that Hamish show! lol

  5. White is most definitely a statement! It makes the rooms so bright and brings out all the colours in the furnishings, wall art and your pottery collection. And any colour can go over it with no problem. I can see you are going to balance the inside work with some outside cat-containing netting construction, also, from the video that I saw over't'other site.

    Whilst doing my little happy dance that you are still writing, I remain your faithful reader,
    ~ Sil