Saturday, 21 March 2009

38 years late

Well before I launch into another 70's TV show critique, way more important Dolly the cat is very pleased to be able to step outside.

Far from being constrained by the small space available she seems to be quite happy to sit on the doorstep in the sun, or even inside on the doormat with the door open. She keeps nipping in anyway to make sure all is still alright. I'm thinking now of flooring the area with decking planks, and I've been looking up small trees and climbers that will do well in pots (I fancy a fig) but it's for me, she's not bothered.

SO last night I watched the first 'proper' episode of McM&W :-) I'm glad to say that Mr Hudsons hair is way improved (a little less heavy on the nice'n'easy) and the jackets aren't quite so bad. But horror of horrors, my memory has been playing tricks, the sofa isn't cream at all but a sort of Dralon plaid and there is only one of them..

Of course this was the moving into their new house episode, and none of their furniture seems to match what they had before, barring only the bedhead, (she was lucky the fabric was still available for the new matching blinds) so I guess they might change in later series...

I am glad to say that I still like the sunflower painting by the front door and they have that that I *always* desired, a two door chocolate brown fridge/freezer! The rather weird kitchen units would have to go though, but the shutters in the dining area are very nice and I am sure that designer Anne Maurice now has one of the houses across the street..

Oh the story was quite fun too...

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