Monday, 2 March 2009

One of those days

I love those days when I have planned exactly what I am going to do, it's all listed in my head and I get through the lot. The sense of achievement is amazing :-)

Actually when I *have* a list I do usually get through it, it's just the deciding on what goes on it in the first place that's the problem, and when I don't? Then I end up flopping around for the day like a grounded fish.. or so it seems.

But yesterday all the washing was done (I wash on Sunday, no idea why, or perhaps it's truer to say Mr Miele does, but that's splitting hairs).. the house is clean..

And I have made a good start on the internal doors.

This place has that love of the 70's, Sapele doors (kind of like teak). It's pretty unusual in having them throughout, they were only normally used in the hall/reception space the rest being standard painted doors to save cash. One of the cool things about them of course is the fact they don't need painting ( painting flat doors is a real skill in itself if you wanted to avoid drips and runs and for them to look any way decent)

These things are real quality, while the sapele is a veneer they are solid throughout, no egg box filling here, they weigh a ton. I absolutely horrified my neighbour by telling her I like them and was keeping them. Hers have long since gone down the dump to be replaced by pressed hardboard moulded to look like panels (and *grain* for some reason) like 99% of modern houses. Admittedly sapele looks a bit corporate and office like, but they are absolutely of the period - like me!

Of course after 30 years they have picked up some biffs and scrapes which is to be expected, what isn't is getting paint from doing the frames on them (and not even trying to remove it). But 60 mins each with my cheap new half sheet sander and three coats of matt lacquer and they are looking good. Two down 14 to go...

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