Friday, 6 March 2009


Reading about my friend Scott's new shopvacs, I had thought about telling you about mine, now I will!

In a somewhat different league (to put it mildly) I am still pretty pleased. Not that it stops me drooling over the big proper jobs..

For home use I use two very good and expensive German cleaners (Sebo if you're interested) One upright and one Cylinder they are superb and great at what they are designed to do (get the house CLEAN with no fuss). Designed for the the Bavarian Hausfrau, like them they will stand for no messing about..

However I have recently found one thing the cylinder is no good at at all, namely clearing up building rubble and detritus. Oh it makes a manful attempt but within two minutes the scientifically designed multi phase filter paper bag is clogged, the big orange light comes on and it's goodnight Vienna. Expensive and inconvenient (and then no good at what it's meant for)

So I did a quick bit of research (a flash way of saying I looked up a few websites) and came up with the Wickes wet'n'dry. It looks like R2D2's low budget idiot cousin on a VERY bad day and makes the average Air Force jet sound quiet. But it's under £40 and will suck up anything.

Rude and crude it's just a big motor in a plastic bucket with a few badly made tools. When you switch it on it actually kicks around in the direction of the motor rotation and the exhaust from it is so extreme you really can believe it is some sort of secret jet weapon, a *man's* cleaner :-) Nothing is safe from it's voracious appetite and it fits the bill perfectly. I love the thing. .

And now my refined German cleaners can heave a sigh of relief and go back to what they are meant to be doing..


  1. Hahaha - funny story Graham. I've never heard of the Sebo brand. Perhaps they are not available over here in the states.

    You do have one up on me though - it sounds as if you actually vacuum your house, which is something I neglect on a monthly (maybe yearly) basis.

    Yes, the garage is probably cleaner than the house :)

  2. Hummm - are you picking up debris in the house, Graham??? Bits and scraps from your projects? If the thing spews out a mega force exhaust, I hope it has a good filter on it! :)