Saturday, 14 February 2009

stage 1 of 394 complete

Don't you just love finishing something even if it is just the first small step? Well anyway the entrance hall floor is now finished, and the cloakroom too though you can't see that in the picture and tomorrow I shall start on boxing in some very ugly pipework in there.

As this is a relatively small area (9 M2) it formed 'plan A' if it worked OK and if the subfloor wasn't too far beyond repair then room by room I'd put these same tiles throughout the bungalow.

Well now I wish the floor tile fairy would come along and wave a magic wand as I'd forgotten how much I dislike fitted carpet but that's not going to happen so I'll do it bit by bit.

This has been the first real domino, falling and knocking all the rest over one by one, now I'm off and want to make the rest of the house conform to what's in my head.

And it's Saturday, so it's making spaghetti bolognese (or similar pasta dish) with a glass of wine while watching Casualty (god help me)


  1. It's simply lovely!!
    And too, how nice to see you here.

  2. That is a very terrific start. Looks fantastic!

  3. Well now - First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! Jim and I have had a wonderful time reading all your previous posts and want to thank YOU for being so forthright in speaking out about the absurdity's that are allowed to happen. You put the words to mouth and then to paper.

    It's absolutely fantastic to hear what you have to say, Graham. Great job on the floor and all the other tasks that you've undertaken all these years. (are you for hire???) I, along with all the others are going to be asking that question! lol. We all have long lists that we'd like you to complete.

    So, Mr. Vinyl Dragon - Play us some tunes... ;)

  4. Can you send them to Houston to help me fit stone tiles in our kitchen?

  5. Welcome to blogging, and great start!

    For me, Facebook came several years after the journalling started. Both have their places in my life, but they are very different places.

  6. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Weblogs! It really is a world-wide community. We're mostly a friendly bunch. After hearing about you for over ten years, it's a real pleasure to hear your voice.

    Hugs from the far side of the world,
    ~ Sil in Corea