Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sore Toes

I have been feeling guilty, since moving in last October, I seem to have done virtually nothing to the house. True I did a bit of wiring, put in a new shower and sorted the insulation, but usually by now I have rebuilt :-)

Age or contentment. I think this time it's contentment, I was just so relieved that everything went through in the end without a hitch, and this is against a background of disintegrating world economics and sleepless nights that I just wanted to enjoy actually having done it.

Actually though, while the decor is old and tired (and in many cases half done) and things like that carpets are so horrible only my mum could like them the place is in really good nick. The garden is a disaster area, but thats another story.

BUT I have finally made a start, up came the carpet in the entrance hall and cloakroom (carpet in a loo can you imagine? I know we all did it in the 70's but I mean, yuck!) and the evil spiky gripper rod around the edges on which I always seem to manage to impale myself and finally the lets be polite and say beige Marley tiles underneath.

The floor was covered with this weird soft plaster like stuff, I imagine some kind of 30 yr old leveling compound, unfortunately the tiles pulled large lumps of it up when I removed them. So a couple of days refinishing the sub floor, splosh over some PVA to seal the whole lot and we're off!

Being a retro 70's kind of boy with a deep love of all things Habitat, Scandinavian and a deep desire for chocolate brown and orange I'm using cork tiles, though I admit way thicker and better quality then I have ever used before. Yesterday slapping down the whole ones, the floor seemed to be being covered in a trice. But today doing all the edges and the fiddly bits, Ive spent the day on my knees and figure there's at least another days worth. And you know whats worst? The tops of your toes get really sore... and I figure I'm going to do the rest of the house the same..

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  1. They have knee pads. I wonder if there's such a thing as toe pads. ((smile))