Sunday, 15 February 2009

What's all this 'We'?

I am  sure you are all as sick to death of bankers and politicians and their excuses as I am, so I shall say this and no more (OK that's probably a lie)

Frankly I could happily shoot the lot of them, I'd surely start with the sackings and court proceedings would follow. 

But have you noticed this increasing use of the word 'We' when they are all making their mealy mouthed excuses? This is the start of the : somehow it's your and my fault, its not the politicians for deregulating everything in sight and letting these money men do what they like, or  these over paid testosterone fuelled charlatans who are only not called criminals because they call themselves bankers. No it's you and me, How? I have no idea, I don't remember agreeing to any of this and I'm sure you didn't either. like me you thought 'this can't go on' in fact we're probably the only ones that did, but it's still our fault. 

If you can listen to yesterdays Question Time on the BBC website, do, Janet Street Porter is the only one that actually made any sense.... We're in trouble...

Oh what the hell, Listen to the incomparable Ms Bassey, We've seen it before, and we'll see it again even if it is the 1930's.


  1. Welcome, Graham! It's a honour to finally read about you in the first person :)

    And thanks for the introduction to the Propellerheads; I do so love a strong-voiced woman!

  2. Hi! Welcome to my daily read list. I have admired your prowess in retrofitting, etc, the various homes you and John have had. I rather have to agree with you on all things Swedish, (except, perhaps, ABBA)

  3. "Croeso", Graham !
    I feel as though I already know you, having read about you through John's blog, these past eleven years...
    Your a mover and a shaker, of that I'm sure, I admire your fortitude, and of course we both had a common love and interest....John and Dolly Cat :)
    Hope to visit often!

  4. Dame Shirley Bassey is an Irreplaceable National Treasure! Thank you so much for stirring up my memories.

    There's a reason why Greed was named one of the seven deadly sins. Across the world, bankers, brokers and the rest of that sorry lot are infested with corrupting greed as a stray dog is with fleas. It doesn't matter what one's ideology is, greed goes along with seeking power just like salt and pepper. All stripes of politicians from far left to far right wings are tempted and a huge majority of them fall. Those Chinese dairy managers who mixed plastic powder into the milk were driven by the same desire. The American peanut processor who sent contaminated peanut products to schools and nursing homes was infected with greed. Whaddya do? These potatoheads who try to spread the blame around make me angry, too. When I hear them, what pops into my head are lines from an old country song, "It ain't me, babe! It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe!"

  5. I am with Graham. We ought to form a firing line right along that far wall and take down all the greedy b....rds. You can bet the courts, as beholden to the greedy as they are, will barely slap wrists.

    Ms Bassey has great pipes for 60. Heck she has great pipes for 30. Thanks for posting that video. I had forgotten her styling and her voice.