Sunday, 22 February 2009

b-a-t-h time

Does anyone still actually bathe anymore aside from people in adverts and sit-coms? I was thinking about it yesterday as having removed all the sealant I wasn't able to use the shower.

I only know of one person who does it regularly and this is the full on production with the bubble bath and the candles, the book and the glass of wine.. you'd think he'd know better.. 

Baths are things that take up most of the space in your bathroom but as far as I am concerned get used *maybe* once  a year when you have overdone digging in the garden and the back hurts. The rest of the time they get hosed out every couple of weeks to get rid of the dust and to renew the water seal in the u bend which tends to evaporate.. But you've got to have one - it's a bathroom.

I remember when we lived in Lincolnshire the bathroom there had this beautiful corner bath the size of a swimming pool (admittedly a small swimming pool :-) It looked absolutely gorgeous especially when selling the house with its careful arrangement colour coordinated bottles of bathtime goodies, tea lights in tasteful holders (I had advice) and fluffy towels over the side. It took up half the room, It never got used. At all.

Today the shower should be safe to use again and I can heave a huge sigh of relief and hopefully my fingers can recover from the onslaught of the Stanley blades.. 



  1. Admittedly, I use the shower more than the bath, but when I want to escape from the wife and kids I'll retire with a book and a bottle of wine and yes, bubbles.

  2. Graham, although we bought our house new, I quickly got rid of the oversized bathtub in the master bath (which was only used for storing cat toys) in exchange for a larger shower enclosure and a linen closet. If the next owners want a tub, they can use the one in the second bath (which we use for washing dogs).