Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The BBC War

This morning I had a reply from my MP Peter Hain. I wrote to him  after I had written to the BBC about Moses Jones the other night.

You can tell how upset I was, I'd not normally think of doing anything like that. I don't know what I had hoped he could or would do , at least have a go at the BBC in parliament or hand it to someone who would (I mean usually governments love to slam the BBC and this time there is actual reason). To my mind there are huge questions behind this like where the hell are we as a country if sickening stuff like this is called entertainment.

What I did get was a letter telling me who to complain to if I wasn't satisfied with the BBC's (eventual) response. Oh Well I guess thats democracy in action...

However this got me to thinking, what could they possibly say that WOULD satisfy me? 

Truth to tell, there is nothing short of bringing everyone concerned with the programme and the entire board of BBC Governors up on criminal charges. There is no possible justification for ever showing anything like what was depicted on that program, hell there is no justification for even thinking it. I genuinely cannot conceive the sort of sick mind that would have written it, let alone those who depicted it and worse still approved it.

There are some very very disturbed people around, people who need serious help, and obviously many of them work in broadcasting.

Well it looks like OFCOM will be the next to get a letter

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  1. Sometimes we feel like we're beating our heads against a BIG wall though, don't we?