Monday, 16 February 2009

Feels like spring

Firstly I want to say thank you to all you folks who have written such nice things. This whole blogger game was taken on with some trepidation - I am no writer, I'm not at all sure that I have anything of interest to say to anyone. But you have been gentle with me, for that I thank you all.

Now today has been a lovely day here, warm and truly springlike. The Air is soft and warm smelling, the birds and squirrels have been going bananas and everything is quickening, you can feel it. Talking to Keith next door he was dreaming of his summer evenings sat on his garden bench with a bottle of Chardonnay. It was that sort of day.  Now of course I can be terribly British and go on about how it could all be snowing next week, but I'm not going to, days like this are like a surprise gift, for enjoying.

While Monday morning is the day for the twice weekly trip to Sainsburys on return I nipped out into the garden. Feeling spring come on like this, there were a few weed trees around  that needed sorting quickly before they exploded into life. Actually there is more to do out there then you can shake a stick at but like everything else you have to start somewhere.

One of those  niggling jobs that I'd not been looking forward to when I got back in I felt a real sense of achievement and realised yet again there are few things that make me happier and feel more grounded then gardening.  Probably my one regret with this house is the garden is so small as while right now the amount to do is daunting to put it mildly, one day it will be done and then I shall be casting around.

That's when day dreams of landscape gardening take root, maybe that should be my new career, but I know there is a vast difference between a hobby on a lovely day and heavy grunt work when it's bucketing with rain or burning hot. More is the pity..


  1. Is your neighbor a gardener? He might love to have someone design and implement a new look.

  2. Having a hard time commenting...let's see if this works.


  3. Ah ha! I don't know what I did the 1st time, but it didn't work.

    Now I forgot what I originally said! But glad you had a wonderful day.

  4. Oh Graham, after so many years of hearing what you're capable of I can't help thinking no rainy or burny weather could ever get in your way! Especially not if it's something you're passionate about, which I imagine you would be if it was your own business. That's my two cents anyway, I like to throw that in every now and again ;)

    Warm greetings and welcome to the land of online writing, so glad you've started blogging, hugs and apologies for the slight delay in my saying hello :)

    Lou in Sligo :D

  5. Oh what a treat to find your blog! I am getting into gardening myself and it's so wonderful to get ready for spring. I can't wait to go down to my local nursery and pick out some violas and pansies. Masses of them.