Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Let it snow

Maybe an unpopular attitude, but I love snow. I have often thought I should have been Swedish (and not just because I love IKEA, and Abba and have always fancied a Volvo tank) They have such great climate and I'd love to have been blonde..

Britan is 'quite mild for the time of year' no matter what... But yesterday with some excitement more snow was forcast, heavy and prolonged, so instead of tiling the hall floor (undoubtely more on that again) A dash to Sainsubury's was called for. looking forward to being snowed in, the new insulation and class A boiler tested to it's limits.

Well as Bill Bailey said 'i'm British so i crave disappointment' it's mild, quite sunny and not a snowflake in sight. The squirells in the trees opposite like it, but me? I'm disappointed..

I've just finished reading Stuffed by Patricia Volk, one of those books I have been meaning to read for ages, and now I have I wondered what on earth took me so long. Billed as 'Adventures of a restaurant family' it's a simple moving  direct account of life in a New York Jewish family. I think I should have been New york Jewish.. or maybe New York Italian or.....

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  1. You can come visit here any time.You'll either be blissfully happy or very quickly sick of snow.