Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Doris Day

Imagine if you can a minibus full of Little Welsh ladies all near identical,  turned out I am convinced  from a secret factory somewhere. 

Now imagine them all talking at each other, but none of them actually listening. If you should have seen Gavin and Stacy you will know exactly what I mean.  This was my yesterday.

I went with Mum on a minibus trip with the ladies from the flats where she lives, Bill the gentleman from upstairs who is an expert shopper couldn't make it so I was on my own.. We went Aberavon, the shopping centre that time forgot. 

I remember being taken there by Mum & Dad, I figure I was 15 or 16, it was brand new. At the time I don't think we were impressed, we certainly never went again. It's not changed in the intervening 30 years. At all.

Home of something that looks like a Body Shop but isn't, the seconds clothing stores, the charity shops and an Argos with it's 'laminated book of dreams', Wales really does not seem to have the rest of the world's love affair with the mall (for proof absolute see 'The St David's Centre' in Swansea). 

I know I far preferred the whats left of the High St where we had a poke around and a baked potato (with cheese beans and coleslaw) in a nice cafe. 

But the ladies all seemed to have enjoyed their day, though they weren't exactly loaded with purchases, Mum and I seemed to have been the biggest shoppers (I had a new doormat and Mum had a cold bag and a scrubbing brush) I don't think Port Talbot is going to be reviving it's fortunes from us..

A little surreal? There's talk of Cheltenham next....


  1. Perhaps the actual day out was the high point in the ladies view. I imagine they would love to go somewhere new (to them)

    Good for you for doing this with them.

  2. Becoming the "wonderful young man" for these ladies would be a challenging act of kindness, but would certainly elevate your mum to chief hen on the bus. Best wishes--

  3. Had a quick peek last evening here, but not time to comment then.

    This was absolutely hysterical, Graham! I can relate. Taking care of a 'little old lady' three days a week - is quite similar. Mine get all dolled up with their make-up, hair and jewelry and off we go.

    I've found that if I just 'go with the flow' - it's much easier. lol.

  4. I'm still watching re-runs of Keeping Up Appearances. The one last week was where they took a coach trip with the older women from church, to a seaside, like Blackpool and spent the day at the Pleasure Beach. It was hilarious, and poor old Richard had to tag- a- long with "our Hyacinth" nagging him all the way...
    I can visualize you sitting in the middle of the
    Did you have a sing song on the way home ?