Thursday, 30 April 2009

Allo Mate..

I know you're going to cry, but I'm away now till the 10th (I am doing secret work, saving the known world, or at least serving it drinks) I shall tell you all when I get back..

So in the meantime I leave you to contemplate this ad for weedkiller :-) weeds by Aardman... now that IS cool...

Now I have to iron a pile of white shirts..


  1. What a hoot! We'll do our best to keep an eye on John for you while you're gone.

  2. Ah ha! Your partner in crime gave a slight mention that you were going away - but didn't say a word about why. Of course I had to come over and see if you gave us the scoop.

    Have a good week. Take pics!

    I kinda feel sorry for the little dandelions... ;)

  3. Sounds like you've been called back into Her Majesty's Secret Service or is it Saint Audrie's? ;-)

    word verification is 'folock' could that be code for 'near porlock'?