Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Explorer 8

Well Firefox crashed on me one too many times, so now I thought I'd give the new zippy updated explorer a try. My computer seems to be littered with obsolete browsers and email programs as I try them and find them wanting.

Is it too much to ask that they just work? I don't want them to change my life, just get me to the junk quietly efficiently and *without crashing*

Explorer 8 was obviously doing some pretty fundamental rewriting as it took forever to install, first impressions, clean, tidy and with a few tricks I have yet to try and am not sure I want.

All I need now is yet another email program...


  1. Firefox has been working well, for us. But then again, when something isn't working well - we call our computer pal and he works his magic. :)

    Computer literate, I'm not.

  2. What mail clients have you tried without success?

  3. I think at one time or another I've tried most of them, Eudora through many editions (annoyingly 'matey') Outlook, Outlook express (which I would probably use except half the time it can't handle attachments) Pegasus (though that was some while ago) Opera, I even tried google mail but found out the hard way it's not great keeping important mail on someone else's computer. I'm yet again back to using Thunderbird but am getting tired again of the 'not responding' messages