Sunday, 31 May 2009

I SO should have done this

Been a busy few days, and will fill you all in.. when I think of it :-) Probably the most important though, trusting to the Gods and taking my life into my hands I reformatted my C drive (named my 'H' drive I've never been able to work out why, or indeed change it, and reinstalled XP.

OK maybe not quite as scary as it could have been as I keep all my files on a second drive, but when you're reformatting are you REALLY sure you're doing the right one?!

Anyway I was, and when I wasn't swapping doors on the new fridge/freezer (more again no doubt) I was doing the tedious job of rebuilding the system.

I tell you though I wish I had done this ages ago, I have no idea how much garbage must have accumulated on my system but now it simply flies. Perhaps trying out new stuff really isn't the way to go, and while I *thought* I was keeping it clean, it obviously really wasn't..

It's a years old Frankenstein of a system, made up of all sorts of old bits and frankly so tatty it really should be in a skip, but Moores law seems to have broken down of late and it's 2.8ghz Pentium 2gb of ram should still be plenty and I have an aversion to handing out cash to the likes of Dell...

Now it feels like a new computer, and I must remember this feeling next time I want to kick it..


  1. Huh! Guess my comment got lost in cyber-space. Oh, well...{shrug}
    That reformatting is a good job well done. My theory is that one should never discard a working machine (unless repairs cost too much). You've got a known quantity/quality there, and a new one might be a lemon. Any corporation is capable of producing a brand-new dud.

    Hugs from the far side, ~ Sil

  2. That is well true, and frankly I've hated and kicked this one so often I've grown quite fond of it.. well plus the fact that even *I* have shoes that are younger then it is!

    Hugs RIGHT back! XXX

  3. Ay - my eye's are crossed! And the left one is glazed over...

    If you ever read Gordo's blog you'll know what I'm talking about. Whenever he talks about computers - My eyes glaze over and I just nod and smile :) He's one of Gary's friends and is some kind of IT guy. Very smart, that one.

    But - Having read and 'understood' most of what you said (;)) I'm truly glad you've fixed your computer and have it running up to speed. It must be marvelous to be able to do those things! So congrats!

    Me? I have a computer friend! lol. He fixes - I get on line. We're all good.

    Love the fridge, BTW!

    PS: I tried to insert the link to Gord's blog, but it wouldn't let me. :(

  4. (Gord's blog)

    Here ya go! Now why am I not able to 'paste' it when I'm commenting the last time. Did this before, too. Hummm.

  5. mmmm....I just bought a new hard drive myself, but should probably actually DO SOMETHING wiht it, like take it out of the box...

  6. Psst - Gary won't take it out of the box - he'll wait for Gordo to come down and visit... ;)

  7. tap, tap, tap... this thing on?

  8. Just learned you were away. My bad. Sorry for tapping on the mic.

  9. I made exactly that mistake about 3 months ago - I reformatted the wrong drive and lost 20 years worth of accumulated work. Very, very displeased.