Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Frog in a breadmaker

Thought I'd dig out the old Panasonic breadmaker again, least now with a reasonable amount of work surface in the kitchen it sits there in the corner and doesn't look too shoddy.

The French bread was our favourite, so with a heart full of hope I put it on last night and woke this morning to nice smells from the kitchen.

Don't you just hate that moment when lifting the lid on something, anything all your expectation and anticipation is dashed? I'm British so I crave disappointment.

Having long since lost the original book, I was using a printed PDF of the original, which, I had completely forgotten has a 'mistranslation' on the weights between metric and imperial (guess which I use?) meaning there is nowhere near enough flour giving you this sad flat pancake glowering sullenly in the bottom of the pan. If you have ever made toad in the hole which has gone horribly wrong and turned into frog in a bog you'll exactly get the picture. (I know there's a gag there but I'm NOT going to do it!)

Now I'm having another go with the revised amounts :-)

So to be random..

There was a ton of stuff I was going to talk about today, but you think I can think of what it was... I should have a list.

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  1. Don't ya just hate when that happens??? Did John make you a nice cup of tea to sooth?

    Glad you're having another go - have it for lunch instead of your breakfast.

    I usually have great thoughts at night. Can't remember a single one in the morning... ;)