Sunday, 7 June 2009

May you live in interesting times

It has been an interesting week, in fact I hardly know where to begin. I have bought one of those tiny new netbooks, not the pretend ones running some weird species of Linux but a proper full fledged (very small) Lenovo running full proper windows XP (and been as I am one of the Vista haters, that suits me just fine).

Second, and much bigger, I've got a full on iPod, a 120gb classic in black (though it looks more charcoal to me, others I see are 'proper' black) OK all the horrible things I have said about them all these years are (possibly!) incorrect and the fact I now have 3/4 of my CD's on this tiny machine and still have 100gb free is quite incredible. My vinyl is of course utterly sacrosanct..

And of course the reason for this sea change and bout of retail therapy? I am back at St Audries Bay as the bar manager and this was the minimum needed to get me through the summer..

For those of you that do not know it have a look at
I have known the place since I was a kid, in fact the first holiday there with my mum and dad was in 1966 when it was a full on British Holiday camp. I think I fell in love with it then and unfortunately things have never changed.

And one day I found myself running the bars and as maybe you know last year I left (when John and I moved from Bridgwater back to Wales) and in all honesty I thought that was the end of it. In fact friends asked me and I swore that was the finish.

My downfall was trannie week (I am sure that's been said before) The new guy was nice enough, but in all honesty he was making a mess of MY bar and I was surprised to find I couldn't stand it.

I know I can't explain how deep this goes, and by no means am I the only person that has discovered it, St Audries has a visceral attraction that seems impossible to break, but when I was asked to come back, I found I could not refuse.

I really hope John and I can have fun with this, I have a really nice caravan (one we spent a winter in a few years ago) I love my home in Wales, but I love this place too...


  1. Tranny week will change a person's perspective I am SURE.

  2. Yes, I understand how you can love a place and not want to see some new guy mess up your territory. It's a treat that they pay you to be there and run things properly. Just take care that they don't load the work on so heavy that you get all worn out! Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil

  3. It's especially wonderful when you 'enjoy' where you work, isn't it? And the train ride must be enjoyable too! Meandering through the hills and all. Almost like going on vacation and getting paid to do so.

    I'm going to have a look at your Lenovo. I'm trying to decide between a Blackberry or a small laptop. I'm leaning towards the laptop.

  4. I took s look. I can see how you would become attached to it. Welcome back to your Welch home.

  5. Get john and the mega cat to commute by rail several times this summer, and you two will meet in the middle. Nicely I'm sure.

  6. Congrats on the iPod Graham. That is the same one I have, and it's great. I can carry my full library with me, as well as allot of podcasts that I listen to. I carry it with me to work, plug it into a small stereo I have setup there, and let her rip. Music or podcasts all day sure beats radio, and it sounds quite nice too.