Monday, 15 February 2010

What I want

What I want is a limitless tab at Amazon.

I've just had the last fruit of my Christmas Amazon voucher and from now on it's strictly actual money.

This year I've done really well with n'er a wrong move, but I love the feeling that the latest click on 'add to basket' isn't costing actual cash.

What did I get I hear you cry.. well the Arcade Fire, The Big Pink and initial forays into Depeche Mode you already know about

My latest Haul has been more Depeche Mode (wow have I got into them, I hadn't realised what I was missing), The Killers live at the Albert all. I've not heard/seen it yet, but I'm assured it is, well, Killer.

Also the new Massive Attack, Heligoland. I like it. Mezzanine is definitely one of my all time favourite albums and the new Sade, Soldier of Love. People say all her stuff sounds the same. I prefer consistent. Late nights and red wine. Just never play her during daylight hours or you'll feel kind of hung over.

My book haul has been less extensive, none of my favourite authors seems to have anything new right now but I did get This is Not a Game from Walter Jon Williams. It's a kind of game/real life crossover novel like Charles Stross did in Halting State and I loved that. I'd love to find more authors I like so I can feed my habit more reliably.

Especially since Alistair Reynolds has dropped off the list, publishing what I strongly suspect is old garbage he found at the bottom of his reject drawer in the hopes of refilling his credit crunched bank account. Doesn't work Alistair, sorry. I'm not getting caught again.

Next is a 'tv tie in' (GASP) The memoir Beautiful People by Simon Doonan. It was made into a stunning charming and very funny series by the BBC.. And finally The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll. A real life spy/hacker chase thriller through early computer networks by someone who was actually there and really did it. Recommended by this guy on Twitter...


  1. I have gone blank on his name, but the Dorsai series was excellent.

    Among the strong writers, Turtledove, Elliott, Kerr. (All, I blush to say) friends of mine. (Walter Jon is too.) I used to be the sysop for GEnie, an online BBS in the olden daze. Tarr is another good writer. Tad Williams is a fantasy writer, but writes non unicorn stuff. Poul Anderson. Golly, I could go on for quite a while.

  2. Oh glurp, I almost forgot Joe Haldeman. The Forever War has won all sorts of prizes, as have the sequels.