Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Everything seems to take way more time then you'd have thought, but at last the ceiling is more or less finished.

I did change to solvent free adhesive and found I had been led astray by my online builder buddies (who would have thought it?) Solvent free far from being the inferior sibling is in fact way better at the job then the hallucination inducing stuff. Maybe builders just like being off their heads. (that explains much)

There is now a vastly reduced visibility hatch to the loft room/loft which is now much bigger, way heavier and looks as impressive as a Sylvia Anderson bank vault door due to the massive slabs of polystyrene insulation glued to the back side.

Now it'll be a trip to Ikea. My stylish 1960's style drum light may look very scandi-stylish but gives a light so dull in that position I just want to kill myself. A common occurrence I find with these horrible compact fluorescent bulbs.

Halogens. That's the only option :-)I used to love proper downlighters, R63 and PAR38 spot bulbs, and what ever happened to parabolic reflectors and track lighting?.. #sigh#

I'm after a pair of speakers on eBay but people keep bidding on them. Even though it's very small bids it's very depressing. I'm not going to say what they are as I'm getting paranoid.

If I get them I'll tell you all about it.

And If I don't I'll still tell you all about it.

But I better had. GRRR!


  1. GRRRRRRRRRR! Will you miss the altered states brought on by wonky solvents?????

  2. Congratulations on completing the job--and do so safely. I'm sure Dolly appreciated the change in adhesives. Pictures, please?