Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Not as exciting as it sounds.

I'm putting a new ceiling up on the top hall. What that means is gluing pine panelling over the artex that's already there.

Very retro I know, but I am very retro.

The worst thing is the 'no more nails' used to do it with. It's hideously full of solvent, you can almost see the air vibrate as you use it. And very quickly you find your mood changing, and you start getting very clumsy and dizzy. I didn't even think products like that were legal any more.

Incidentally should you ever do this yourself, the trick is not only to stick it to the surface with a 'grab adhesive' (I'd recommend using some other product, preferably water based) but also to glue each plank to the previous using wood glue in the groove. I've seen some horrible shrunken panelling. It never happens to mine.

Of course you could do it the old way with battens and the like and that would avoid possibly falling off the working platform & down the stairs because you are so stoned.


  1. probably lost a few IQ points today, eh Graham?

  2. Mercy! I agree on the possible illegality of the glue. Sounds dreadful!

  3. And working up at the ceiling, there's nowhere for the fumes to go. Doesn't sound like fun, but since you endured, how about a picture when it's finished?

  4. I can almost smell that poisonous stuff and hope you're through with it all by now. Aren't there masks of some sort you could wear when working with something like that? Stuff one inhales has aways frightened me. It is important to keep breathing, no? '-}