Sunday, 19 July 2009

Starting again

The trouble with losing your hard drive is, while you may get your computer back, it looks like it, behaves like it and probably has the same marks on it, it's had a brain transplant, has a different personality and with something like the Lenovo where it's not blank but comes preloaded with all the junk that they think a 'busy executive' needs (assuming that *is* the target market) . So all those things you had done to make it bearable (like disabling those damned annoying balloon tips and deleting a good 50% of the exec specials) have gone and you literally have to start again.

At which point desperation sets in... :-)

Anyway I got through day 1 of accordion week. Actually (and I don't want to speak too soon here) but I'm wondering if it's the recession, or just that they are getting old but we are definitely not as busy this year.

To be honest I was really worried that I did not have enough staff, especially as not one of my regular experienced staff was available this weekend (holidays in Spain and festivals mostly) but in fact we managed it with ease. I borrowed young Matt from the dining room and he seems to have an even more extreme attitude to the week then I do. We get on well :-)

Right now it's time to scour the kitchen for toast, and maybe a boiled egg..


  1. What the world needs right now is a MacBook Air priced for Everyman. That would be sweet.

  2. Oooooo - I looked at the MacBook Air, just now. That's not a pretty price, Wendy, eh?

    So glad you're back, Graham. Looking forward to the entries and adventures!