Friday, 17 July 2009

Back again!

Been a while I know since I last posted, first it was settling in and getting the bars and staff as I want them (yeah right!) then just as all was getting on an even keel the hard drive on my teeny tiny Lenovo decided to die on me. Even with a new computer like this one it causes so much disruption.

I'm hoping I'll be able to have WiFi in my caravan soon as this will make everything easier but at the moment I'm using this general junk room behand the main kitchens as I have found I get a pretty good signal here, but it all needs planning..

I'm sure I'll be going on a lot about it here for the next weeks, basically as thats all there is, but just as a taster, from tomorrow for a week, we have horror of horrors, for me the worst week of the season, Accordian week.

Theres a joke, man goes to heaven, St Peter says 'welcome to heaven, here's your harp'
another man goes to hell, the devil says 'welcome to hell, here's your accordian'

On that note...


  1. Hee! That one always comes to mind hearing about you and Accordian Week. :)

  2. Well, hells bells! - I've been wondering when you were coming back!

    I don't check for a couple of days and then there you are - posting! And I've missed it!

    Accordian week!!!

  3. YaY!!!! Glad to see you are still among the living, even if you have to hide in the junk room to post your journal, lol.

    Accordian music gets old fast! I think there may be sonic squeals that only a dog could hear which "scratch my nerve" as my Korean friend puts it.
    Happy to see you back with us!
    Hugs from the far side of the world, ~ Sil