Saturday, 18 July 2009

And so it begins

Coming in this morning, there is a gathering outside the dining room waiting for the doors to open to breakfast and you can tell by the straggly beards and baggy shorts (some of them on men too) that the accordionists have arrived for another fun filled week of frolicks and, well accordions.

JP the chef and I have decided, yes we actually prefer the trannies, They are just into 70's and 80's disco, and yes while they can be as rude as the squeeze boxers, at least with the trannies you can be even ruder back. And the one thing they never do is wear baggy shorts..

And I am in trouble with Nadine the dining room manager as Louis who works for me told an extra six people they could just walk in for breakfast. Nadine likes thing written down..

This evening I have had a wine reception for them dropped on me, I've just been on the phone to my supplier hoping they can deliver something suitably cheap and nasty to give them :-)

So here goes.... Though next week family weeks begin, I wonder if I will be wishing for the accordions back....


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  1. Don't get in trouble with Nadine, Graham!

    Can't wait to hear about family week!