Friday, 27 April 2012

Au revoir

Well my friends, I know my posting has been erratic to say the very least. Posting is always in my thoughts, and there is a lot I'd love to talk to you about and the list gets longer daily. Indeed too long, I barely know where to begin (!)

You know of course I'm not in the best of health, and my recent re-start was part of an attempt to maybe normalise or at least arrange my life. That seems to be my goal right now, to bring a feeling of order. However after just a few days I can see that this at least has been a wrong move. While I have so much to talk about, and while more comes up all the time, blogging is just one more thing I don't have the energy to do. Often I feel I barely am able to cover the essentials of life never mind any of the add-ons.

So all that has happened is I don't post and it becomes just one more thing to beat myself up over and feel guilty about, and this of course is not helpful!

So as of now I'm formally saying Au revoir. Not goodbye, you never know what the future will bring. Indeed I have meetings with several doctors and specialists in the near future, there is the hope that life can be improved, maybe even returned to something approaching normality (whatever that may be) but for the foreseeable future, this blog will be put to rest.

I am on Twitter, which is great fun,it's by definition short and immediate and can be picked up and dropped at will depending on how one feels. Banal to important it's all on there, if you are too, I'm @MUSEmunkey, and assuming you're a real person and not a bot or trying to flog me stuff I'll follow you back :-) I am on Facebook too, but frankly don't like it and very rarely say anything.

But in the meantime dear people thats it for Blogger, thank you for reading and for all your messages, my love to you all

South Wales


  1. Graham, I'm wishing you all the best for some relief and normalization. I keep you and John in my thoughts and wish you both smoother sailing ahead.

  2. Somehow or other I got to hankering to see how you were doing and finally tracked you down. Couldn't remember which blogiverse you lived in and my ancient link to John's blog took me to 2008, but it only took a couple links from there. :-)

    Sure hope Spring is treating you good. I'll try to connect with you on Twitter. Hugs, ~ Sil