Saturday, 26 December 2009


Every year I think the same, THAT was over fast!

At least here Christmas carries on for a while yet, I can never understand these people out buying sofa's (and really horrible one's at that if the adverts are anything to go by) at '9 o clock boxing day'.. I've always wondered if people actually do that, but have never really felt inclined to go and look..

And while it did rain here (it always does, other places get snow) it did at least wait until the evening. I always think how nice it would be to spend Christmas somewhere where it *looked* like a card, all glittery and snow covered, say Austria in a Skiing chalet, or the Black Forest in Germany, or New England in a traditional frame house.. But the just the thought of that travelling and it always seems to be utter mayhem at this time of year makes one think that maybe Welsh rain isn't so bad.

So Presents :-) : Nice big Amazon book voucher, always wish they lasted longer... some decent earphones for my iPod, The Roxy Music back catalogue on CD, (naturally I have it on vinyl, but that's not a lot of use for the said iPod)and the boxed set of THUNDERBIRDS. I always loved it, been nagging for it for long enough, and if you're interested it's where I learned all I needed to know about interior design (not really a joke, if only Sylvia Anderson would do an interior design book I could die happy)

Oh and my Mum doesn't know it but she's bought me a Sugden A48mk2 amplifier on ebay..

Now we have more food then you can shake a stick at and I feel like I never want to eat again..


  1. Oooooo - a Sugden A48mk2 amplifier??? Really??? ;) Now you do know that I have no idea what that means, don't you Graham? (I mean, I do know that it's an amplifier, but...) :)

    So glad you're posting again! Lovely photos too! Tell me is the cork warm on your feet? It looks soft and comfortable.

  2. Wonderful job on the living room, Graham. Great to see pictures.

  3. Thanks guys, though it's not finished yet (a couple of doses of the dreaded Lurgi dropped me WELL behind)
    But the cork is fabulously warm! Seriously as warm as carpet, but way easier to clean properly and isn't in hideous dark green with 'things' on :-)
    I did think of a Berber carpet and looked at swatches till my brain began to melt out of my ears. The more I looked at the less I was sure so in the end I went with my old rule. 'Just go with what you first thought of'

  4. Stunning photo of the fireplace!!! My God, Graham, it looks Fantastic!!! That cork sounds superb, too.