Monday, 31 August 2009

All things DO pass

'We've seen it all, Bonfires of trust, Flash floods of pain.....'

Actually a line from the Killers but its nearing the end of the season and thats what it feels like (well I may be exaggerating a trifle, but never let it be said I say things just for effect :-)

This is the last 'family week' and as today is the bank holiday it all winds down to almost nothing for the rest of this week.

There are some lovely people, of course there are, there must be, unfortunately they are more then offset (you know who you are, The Baileys, The Fishers, The Palmers to name but 3).

The one thing that you do learn is when Saturday rolls around and you think 'oh god no not THEM' is that another saturday will come and you'll be left, maybe a little battered bruised and with a slightly more tarnished soul but still there. That in itself is a sort of victory. All things do pass..... even scroates....

There's a couple of blue rinse weeks which are nice, Organ week (well really more synth these days, so please no comments) and trannie week reprise, this is where I came in..

Again emphasizing the fact that I am not one for overstatement or any form of hyperbole, Friday I am off to Teignmouth to see the first of the 'home coming' gigs by *undoubtedly* the greatest most talented rock band in the world if not the universe, MUSE.

Watch this space.


  1. wait, is it the accordians Tranny week?

  2. EEK! No trannie = transvestites, there's a long boring story about how we came to have them. I might tell it if I really have nothing else to say.
    Transvestite accordionists, now that really would be something to conjure with - talk about a double whammy...

  3. just read your blog, how can i get to hear MUSE, can you download it at all? MARGARET

  4. maisiemarg, lots of MUSE on Youtube. Here is a sample

  5. Feed - muse hysteria glastonbury - into youtube, click on the first instance, turn your speakers way-up-high and be prepared to have your life changed forever.

    Muse don't have fans, they have believers

    and I see them Friday :-)

  6. Late again, as usual. I've been checking and checking, then I don't check for a few days and here you are posting all kinds of things!

    I've got two more posts to read.

    I viewed the video. To quote Gord (I think it was Gord) who once said: 'My ears are bleeding'...